CIO Innovators: Profiles in IT and business management leadership

CIO Innovators: Profiles in IT leadership

Profiles in IT and business management leadership

CIO innovators are using IT and business management skills to further the goals of their enterprise organizations. Learn how CIOs are leading the way in project management, IT governance and other areas.

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Shifting the view of technology

IT-business alignment is passé. CIO priorities are shifting to business technology convergence, says BTM Institute CEO Faisal Hoque in this video.

Read Shifting focus to business technology convergence

Putting knowledge workers first

CIO Frank Wander made IT hum at Guardian Life by focusing on people, not systems. Learn how his turnaround project created a healthy social environment for the knowledge worker.

Read CIO transforms IT by putting knowledge workers first

Transforming the IT organization

New York Life Retirement Plan Services' CIO and CEO discuss the changing role of the IT organization, and why social media is topping their agenda.

Read From IT organization to IT services organization

Aiming for excellence with IT processes

Expedia's IT infrastructure VP lays out her plan to build a reliable and predictive IT services organization, starting with IT process excellence.

Read Expedia's quest for IT process excellence

Giving the left and right brain their due

Managing change can be the hardest part of IT's job. One CIO has a strategy to manage change that hinges on using both hemispheres of the brain.

Read Change management strategy marries left and right brain

Merging through IT

Post-Wells Fargo and Wachovia merger, the CIOs offer a look at a technology integration strategy driven by the need to convert 70 million customers.

Read Technology integration at Wells Fargo and Wachovia

Avoiding IT integration risks

Learn how an air space analysis system helped Wells Fargo CIOs avoid technology integration disasters during the merger with Wachovia.

Read How to avoid technology integration disasters

Managing the business of IT

Allan Hackney spent his first 15 months as CIO at John Hancock Financial Services hunkered down with the ledger. Learn why managing IT finance matters and how it's about to change.

Read John Hancock's CIO on why IT finance matters

Locking down process management

For CIO William Wray, operational excellence trumps technology in his approach to innovation. The goal: faster, better, cheaper processes that will make employees happier.

Read CIO's approach to innovation is not about technology

Building a better sandbox

Technological innovation is becoming a full-contact sport across the C-suite, McKinsey IT strategist Roger Roberts says. We ask him what CIOs need to do to compete.

Read Technological innovation calls for experimentation

Connecting integration points

Creative destruction is one way to define innovation, but sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to realize innovation, according to Bryan Smith, CIO at Volvo Construction Equipment North America.

Read A CIO talks about getting out of one's comfort zone

Guiding innovation and change

Roy Rosin, Intuit's innovation leader, shares his best practices for sustaining innovation management, serial disruption and a culture of innovation.

Read Innovation management hinges on culture and disruption