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June 2011 Volume 8

Device choices make mobile workforce management decisions primary

The iPad is no stranger to popularity. Now, interest in Apple Inc.'s tablet device is surging beyond besieged Apple stores and is spilling over into the halls of enterprise IT. Many CIOs are seriously considering putting iPads into the hands of their mobile workforce. More about the mobile workforce Seven categories for evaluating mobile device management products Enterprise mobility: Ubiquitous business? Or death by 1,000 cuts? Historically, mobile employees, such as delivery staff and insurance claims adjusters, have used pagers, laptops, earlier-generation tablet PCs and custom-created mobile devices. The iPad, however, with its relatively low cost and user-friendly interface, is turning heads in a field that traditionally has been more comfortable with durable and reliable, rather than sexy, technology. Is the iPad too sleek and too elegant for the rigors of the mobile workforce? Some companies say yes; others, no. In February, the Utilities Operating Unit of Skanska UK PLC announced it will give its field workforce Apple ...

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