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Published: 11 Oct 2012

Ask IT executives what a shared services model is, and each will give you a different answer. For Wes Wright and Jake Hughes at Seattle Children's Hospital, a shared services organization is one that moves the focus from "the server to the service." "It's a fundamental shift," said Hughes, the hospital's chief technical architect. "Instead of HR saying, 'That is my server and that is my storage,' it is their service and they have no idea what's on the back end. It is no longer any one person's or any one business unit's storage, because we may move that storage 10 times in one week, depending on the needs of the overall organization." Indeed, Seattle Children's has created a virtualized infrastructure from the server to the desktop. All server, storage and network resources are pooled and moved around as needed depending on business project needs, said Wright, vice president and chief technology officer at the hospital. Applications are virtualized as well, providing physicians with a standard set of services. Virtualization also figures heavily in ... Access >>>

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