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Enterprise architecture for big data: Build it or buy it?

September 2014, Vol. 35

Issue Highlights

    • Seven data science lessons from McGraw-Hill Education analytics guru
    • Four pillars of PayPal's 'big bang' Agile transformation
    • The big data architecture dilemma for CIOs
    • Big data projects: To build or to buy?
    • Cloud-based security software opens floodgates for IT innovation
    • Security in the world of Internet of Things
    • Enterprise architecture for big data -- a dilemma by any definition

Previous Issues

    • The mobile customer experience comes first

      May 2014, Vol. 32 Includes:
      • A CTO who has 'seen it all' shares top tips for effective disaster recovery
      • Mobility trend: For this IT leader, connected car is both zest and threat
      • CIO's focus on people, innovative thinking leads to revenue-generating idea
      • Zipcar CMO taps data-driven marketing to personalize the business
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    • Prescriptive analytics: Conquer the next business frontier

      April 2014, Vol. 31 Includes:
      • Revlon CIO ushers in corporate cloud and sweeping culture changes for IT
      • SaaS successes propel cloud-first philosophy at University of Miami
      • Allstate's tech leader on communicating vision, honing leadership skills
      • Is prescriptive analytics the RX for optimal business outcomes?
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    • Rogue technology: What lies beneath

      Mar. 2014, Vol. 30 Includes:
      • CIO advice for wrangling rogue IT in the consumerization age
      • Out of the shadows: Rogue IT is becoming CIO business as usual
      • CIO's Agile practices during infrastructure overhaul save time and money
      • CIO tip: Learn how to present a risk-management plan to the board
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    • Run IT as a startup with an innovation culture

      Feb. 2014, Vol. 29 Includes:
      • MetLife takes a gamble on startup culture
      • IT executive salary, career and project ambitions: Roadmap 2014
      • Survey: For cloud computing use, business needs trump cost savings as top driver
      • The enterprise startup mentality
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    • New BPM process and strategy prioritize data-driven outcomes

      Dec. 2013/Jan. 2014, Vol. 28 Includes:
      • MetroPCS, data center-free and more business-connected than ever
      • MetroPCS plots data center-free course with cloud-based solutions
      • The new BPM program: A focus on data-driven business outcomes
      • Tap your inner wolf to gain a CIO competitive advantage
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    • Smart process applications rev up business agility

      Nov. 2013, Vol. 27 Includes:
      • Smart process applications: Next-gen answer to business agility demand
      • CIO advice on showing value of social media and collaboration initiatives
      • Eight steps to building a post-Agile company
      • Off the shelf or DIY, smart process apps add agility
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    • Cloud computing governance: Know thy users

      Oct. 2013, Vol. 26 Includes:
      • A midsummer night's bad dream: The CIO position regresses
      • Cloud governance starts with knowing your end users
      • CIO drives tech-enabled golf with repeatable processes, innovation labs
      • IT as a service: How to succeed as an IT broker
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    • Architecting the agile enterprise

      Sept. 2013, Vol. 25 Includes:
      • Running a lean IT organization keeps CIO on budget, primed for growth
      • CIO designs an iPad analytics app that mirrors work, speeds decisions
      • Agile principles, for IT and across the enterprise
      • All aboard: CIO wins the battle, initiates centralized IT organization
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    • Putting a social layer into every business app

      August 2013, Vol. 24 Includes:
      • Building a social enterprise means putting 'social' into the workflow
      • Real-time data analytics drops a beat on the online music industry
      • Building a social workflow process for today's enterprise no easy task
      • Tips on becoming a transformational leader from CIO of the UN
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    • Turning dirty data into business insights for your customers

      June 2013, Vol. 23 Includes:
      • Land O' Lakes CIO turns 'dirty data' into customer insights
      • To be a better leader be a team player: CIO leadership lessons from a pro
      • Can you have big data and personal data privacy?
      • Boston CIO using gamification to bond city workers and constituents
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    • Multi-hypervisor environments: Worth the work?

      May 2013, Vol. 22 Includes:
      • It's time for CIOs to abandon fear and embrace PaaS solutions
      • Multi-hypervisor environments: Making it work or not worth the work?
      • Cybercrime is on the minds of board members; CIOs, CISOs rejoice
      • CIO bets on Agile methodology to drive change at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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    • PPM: Validating the Value of IT

      April 2013 Includes:
      • CIO's cloud solutions meet collaboration needs and speed up innovation
      • Powering past mistakes, Electrolux builds a model social enterprise
      • CIO's mastery of M&A puts her at center of Dell's turnaround strategy
      • Multi-vendor ERP strategy fixes $2 billion problem
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    • Cloud à la Carte

      March 2013, Vol. 20 Includes:
      • Abundant and mature, cloud services meet CIO needs for speed, agility
      • How to transform enterprise architecture into business architecture
      • As cloud's use expands, cloud SLAs more important than ever
      • Virtual desktop infrastructure saves more than time
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    • Business Analytics: The Power of Personalized Data

      February 2013, Vol. 19 Includes:
      • 2012 election shows power of data analysis to personalize customers
      • Three steps to better line-of-business services delivery
      • Business process optimization and the CIO role converge
      • Mobile inventory management keeps business 'alive'
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    • Disaster recovery ascends to the cloud

      December 2012/January 2013, Vol. 18 Includes:
      • Turning paper-and-pencil processes into digital assets triples growth
      • The end of offshore outsourcing? CIOs quietly reshoring IT jobs
      • 2013 budget outlook: The two faces of the tech hiring crunch
      • Governance and leadership lessons from a health care CIO
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    • How Mobile IT is Revamping Network Strategies

      November 2012, Vol. 17 Includes:
      • Building an enterprise social network for the 'extended' brain trust
      • PayPal chief scientist on cracking the code for big data analytics
      • A CIO blueprint for cloud migration
      • Tackling network capacity in a bring-your-own-device era
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    • BI and big data: Enterprise CIO Decisions Vol. 13

      May 2012, Volume 13 Includes:
      • BI projects require open mind, deft touch
      • Forging a BI strategy in a user-centric, tablet-crazed, big data world
      • Mobile BI strategy showcases ways IT can benefit the business
      • Data silos in big data analytics: Now you see them, now you don't?
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    • Establishing an effective BYOD security policy

      October 2012 Volume 16 Includes:
      • Data security measures for cloud and mobile that don't put users off
      • CIOs: Align technology and marketing strategy to meet customer needs
      • CIOs giving business a competitive edge with Agile practices
      • CIO's green technology solutions cut money, time, carbon footprint
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    • Bringing BI to the masses

      May 2012 Volume 13 Includes:
      • BI projects require open mind, deft touch
      • Data silos in big data analytics: Now you see them, now you don't?
      • Forging a BI strategy in a user-centric, tablet-crazed, big data world
      • Mobile BI strategy showcases ways IT can benefit the business
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    • Benefits of a shared services strategy

      March 2012 Volume 12 Includes:
      • With cloud strategies abundant, CIOs must exercise command, control
      • IT executives putting their own stamp on shared services model
      • IT service catalog not always necessary in a shared IT environment
      • Shared services model puts focus on external customer
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    • Tried and true Agile project management methodologies

      December 2011 Volume 11 Includes:
      • Agile project management helps overcome IT obstacles
      • Services-oriented architecture helps CIO spur business growth
      • Agile project management leaders need to define 'sustainable pace'
      • CIOs giving business a competitive edge with Agile practices
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    • Deploying virtual desktops

      October 2011 Volume 10 Includes:
      • Making virtual desktop infrastructure efforts pay dividends at last
      • Desktop virtualization deployment strategies and challenges
      • CIOs sell enterprise desktop virtualization with mobility
      • Desktop virtualization now being pushed by the business, not by IT
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    • Tackling your organization's business intelligence data

      August 2011 Volume 9 Includes:
      • Smart business intelligence strategy all about making better decisions
      • Cloud-based business intelligence making a difference for fast movers
      • No dark art: Crowd computing drives value, so why aren't you doing it?
      • Sentiment analysis turns social media into customer intelligence
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    • Managing the mobile workforce

      June 2011 Volume 8 Includes:
      • The mobility megatrend: Embrace change or get left behind
      • Device choices make mobile workforce management decisions primary
      • CIOs scrambling to adapt mobile device management to a BYOD era
      • In building a mobility strategy, what the employee says goes
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    • New tactics for managing lean IT budgets

      April 2010 Volume 1 Includes:
      • CIO technology spending focused on reducing risk, boosting efficiency
      • Vendor contract management key to cutting costs through renegotiation
      • The road to agile IT runs through IT services management and PPM
      • IT budgets still uncertain as CIOs weigh 2010 technology spending
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