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Published: 31 Jan 2013

Up against nearly flat or slightly increased IT budgets for 2013, and under pressure to invest in new technology, many CIOs once again will be cutting costs. Where those opportunities materialize naturally will depend on the industry segment. What is likely to be consistent across industries, however, is that any cost cutting CIOs do in 2013 will not be trimming as usual. Robert Keefe "The days of across-the-board budget cuts are over, because we've been cutting budgets since 2002. CIOs have pretty much gotten all the easy identifiable waste out of the way," said Mark McDonald, group vice president and Gartner Fellow with executive programs at Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner Inc. "The notion of either a monolithic budget growth strategy or budget decline strategy has ended." Since the advent of the worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression, "there will always be a desire to cut budgets," McDonald said. However, CIOs need to be slashing costs in some places in order to spend money in places where technology can boost business revenue, if they hope to help ... Access >>>

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