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IT career survey 2013: Employee satisfaction, executive compensation

TechTarget's Annual IT Salary and Careers Survey uncovers the latest trends in IT executive compensation, employee satisfaction and the evolution of IT careers.

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Each year, TechTarget conducts a Salary and Careers Survey to gauge where IT executives and staff stand in terms of earnings, employee satisfaction, job prospects and IT priorities for the year ahead. This year, 1,711 IT professionals took our career survey, ranging from systems administrators to CIOs, and spilled on employee and executive compensation, what keeps them content in their current job or pushes them to look elsewhere and where they'll focus their IT efforts heading into 2014.


1. The 2013 IT Salary and Careers Survey: An overview

Visual learners, this one's for you. In this infographic, we uncover how your paycheck compares to those of others with a similar job title, divulge whether salary expectations are on the rise and reveal whether IT professionals are optimistic about the road ahead.


2. IT executive compensation, priorities and job satisfaction

TechTarget's 2013 Annual Salary and Careers Survey took the pulse of 466 senior IT executives, and in this section, they lay it all out for us: how much they make, how they prioritize projects and what keeps them happy in their current positions or causes them to seek out new career opportunities.


3. Compensation and IT priorities by job title

Going into 2014, all segments of IT are examining their technology budgets and priorities for the coming year. In this section, we reveal our IT career survey results as they relate to compliance officers, networking professionals, server and data center managers, developer-programmers, and channel professionals, and gauge their earning potential and job satisfaction.