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A CIO's guide to cloud computing investments

More enterprises are reaching for the cloud to spur innovation and growth. In this SearchCIO Essential Guide, learn how to maximize the business benefits of your cloud computing investments.


With cloud computing being used by businesses across all industries and acting as a digital transformation enabler, CIOs must constantly review their cloud computing investments. They will indeed be spending more money on it: Our annual IT priorities survey of nearly 400 North American IT professionals found that cloud services will continue to attract substantial attention in 2016, with 41% planning to expand cloud spending. And according to market analyst firm IDC, worldwide spending on public cloud services is estimated to grow at a 19.4% compound annual growth rate -- nearly six times the rate of the total IT spending growth -- from nearly $70 billion in 2015 to more than $141 billion in 2019.

This Essential Guide is designed to help delve into the many facets of cloud computing investments, including security, storage, application development and service provider management.

1Cloud and innovation-

Driving innovation via the cloud

Cloud computing investments are no longer just about lowering costs and improving efficiency. Cloud-based technology fosters greater collaboration across the company and cloud-based IT services also call for fewer resources, providing organizations with the opportunity to invest in other business processes and innovations within their organization. This section highlights the best practices for building IoT applications for the cloud, the role that crowdsourcing could play in the cloud and why more CIOs are embracing cloud services.


Expedite IoT cloud application development

Can you build IoT applications for the cloud, and fast? Mark Heckler, principal technologist at Pivotal, shares insights and his approach to building IoT applications that can be quickly deployed to the cloud. Continue Reading


IBM turns to techies to fast track quantum computing

Are you ready to experience the world's first cloud-enabled quantum computing platform? IBM is seeking researchers, students and science enthusiasts to explore the world of quantum computing via IBM Quantum Experience. Continue Reading


Former Informatica CIO embraced cloud investment challenges

For Informatica, cloud hosting architecture is a big focus and investment area. The company is focused on selling more cloud products and services -- a challenge Ginna Raahauge, now former CIO, embraced with open arms. Continue Reading

2Security and risk management-

Assessing key risks of cloud computing investments

Moving data to the cloud comes with its fair share of risks. How safe is your data in the cloud? Are you equipped to handle a cloud failure or breach? In this section, learn about the latest tools and strategies to counteract cloud threats and protect cloud data. Also learn about cloud encryption strategies, risk management best practices and steps to cultivate a cloud-security culture.


For businesses, cloud security still a concern

Security experts and executives provide insights on strategies and tools that can help counteract threats to cloud data security. Continue Reading


Corporate cloud customers on front lines of data loss prevention

In this tip, information security and risk management expert Jeff Jenkins discusses the steps cloud vendors and their corporate customers must take to protect cloud data and mitigate security concerns. Continue Reading


Compliance, data security top reasons for cloud encryption

Securosis founder Rich Mogull discusses different cloud computing models and the main reasons for cloud encryption. Continue Reading


Which cloud encryption option is best for your company?

In this section of the Pragmatic Cloud Encryption webcast, Securosis founder Rich Mogull discusses the benefits -- and potential pitfalls -- of SaaS encryption, application encryption and tokenization. Continue Reading


Building a security culture an essential first step to cloud strategy success

In an era where more data is being moved to the cloud, a report shows that engaging the CISO and cultivating a cloud security culture is imperative. Continue Reading

3Cloud Storage -

Tips to maximize your cloud-based storage

Will your business benefit from the use of object storage systems rather than file storage systems when storing data in the cloud? Read the articles in this section to know about the cloud storage tools and applications that are best for your organization and why hybrid cloud could be the future of cloud storage.


Cloud applications: Object storage vs. file storage

In this tip, Marc Staimer, founder and senior analyst at Dragon Slayer Consulting, discusses the various advantages of object storage systems over file systems when it comes to storing cloud data. Continue Reading


Cloud storage FAQs

In this video, storage analyst George Crump discusses where cloud storage is most useful, whether object storage is necessary to gain the benefits of the cloud, how to integrate cloud into your environment and the benefits of multicloud environments. Continue Reading


Why hybrid cloud is driving the future of cloud storage

The appeal of cloud storage services has forced storage hardware and software vendors to provide ways for customers to access data externally, in a hybrid cloud model. Find out about the options involved. Continue Reading


Maximizing your cloud-based storage

Analyst and consultant Mike Matchett provides tips to get the most from cloud-based storage devices -- and explains why a company's data storage manager can be of help. Continue Reading

4Cloud data management -

Cloud-based analytics: Understanding benefits and risks

Cloud data management provides benefits like accelerated technology deployments and reduced costs associated with both system maintenance and capital expenditure. Read the articles in this section to understand the benefits as well as the risks associated with cloud-based business analytics and how data center best practices translate to the cloud.


Cloud-based BI risks and best practices

In this tip, data management consultant David Loshin identifies the risks associated with cloud- based data warehousing and business analytics and explains how to protect against them. Continue Reading


Adoption levels of managing and analyzing data in the cloud remain low

Find out why some businesses are enthusiastic, while some are hesitant when it comes to doing big data analytics and BI in the cloud. Continue Reading


Transferring data center best practices to the cloud

In this tip, Gartner analyst Mindy Cancila discusses why organizations need to keep data center best practices -- including those for data governance -- in mind when overseeing cloud services. Continue Reading

5Deployment models-

Public vs. private vs. hybrid cloud: What's best for your company?

Are you cloud-ready? Which cloud model is best for you? Whether you choose public, private or hybrid cloud, knowing your options and business needs are vital to cloud success. This section highlights some basic cloud considerations and a cloud comparison to help you decide which model best suits your organization's needs.


When thinking of creating a private cloud, start with why

A private cloud requires lots of money and the staff skills to pull it off. Before you get too far along the road to private cloud, you need to seriously consider the value it would bring and whether public cloud could suffice. Continue Reading


Expect mistakes during hybrid cloud architecture

IT projects of any kind are complicated, but mistakes are unavoidable when organizations mix public and private cloud services with traditional IT, according to experts at the Hybrid Cloud Summit. Continue Reading


Evaluating the cost of private cloud development

A recent Forrester Research study found that public cloud business is booming. But what does the future of private cloud look like? Find out the challenges and high costs associated with building a private cloud. Continue Reading


Speed, flexibility key to successful hybrid cloud environment

Thinking about implementing a hybrid cloud strategy? Here's what experts have to say about the challenges and best practices for deploying hybrid cloud environments. Continue Reading

6Strategic cloud decisions-

How to maximize your cloud benefits

Of the several cloud benefits, cloud inventory management helps in reducing costs and security risks. Negotiating a sound cloud contract also helps mitigate risks associated with the cloud. With more organizations making cloud computing investments, this section highlights the best practices for cloud inventory management and provides tips on the factors that need to be considered before negotiating terms and conditions of a cloud contract.


CIO's role in cloud inventory management

For an effective cloud inventory management, the CIO's first step is to build better relationships with the company's decision makers. Continue Reading


SaaS CIO seeks more than colocation from cloud and managed services

Read how one company weighed factors in the decision to move from colocation to cloud and managed services. Continue Reading


CIOs enter new era for cloud SLA negotiations

Negotiating a cloud contract? Heed the advice from these contract experts to help you get the terms and conditions your organization needs. Continue Reading


CIO peer review essential in cloud contract negotiations

CIO and CTOs weigh in on what to consider during cloud contract negotiations, including cloud provider liabilities, cloud exit strategies and the importance of CIO peer review. Continue Reading


Expand your cloud vocabulary

Before you start making cloud computing investments, get a handle on basic service-related cloud computing terms. Let this glossary be your guide.

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