Offshore Outsourcing: Do you speak geek?

Are you a real Know-IT-All? How many of these offshore outsourcing-related terms can you guess without peeking?

1. Sometimes used as a general gauge of management efficiency, this is a financial term for the profit or cost saving realized as the result of a specific use of money.,,sid19_gci214270,00.html

2. This is the tendency of businesses, technologies, or philosophies to spread throughout the world, or the process of making it happen.,,sid19_gci925944,00.html

3. This term was created to describe the practice of contracting with people in neighboring countries rather than distant ones.,,sid19_gci928299,00.html

4. Help desk employees working for one of these might be working anywhere in the world, rather than from their employer's location.,,sid11_gci848284,00.html

5. This type of outsourcing enterprise provides storage space and related management duties, such as backup and archiving, for other companies.,,sid5_gci345131,00.html

6. This is an area where an enterprise has specific strength in the marketplace -- they might outsource non-essential areas of business, so they can concentrate resources here instead.,,sid9_gci214621,00.html

7. This is the practice of contracting out specific business tasks -- categorized as either front office or back office -- to a service provider.,,sid19_gci928308,00.html

8. Through IP and the public telecom system, this type of network extends a company's intranet to suppliers, vendors, partners, customers, or other businesses.,,sid14_gci212089,00.html

9. By including both direct and indirect costs, as well as quantifiable benefits, this calculation helps you arrive at a realistic projection of the actual cost for a purchase.,,sid10_gci342316,00.html

10.Sometimes called "apps-on-tap," this type of enterprise provides access to applications and services that otherwise would have to be located on your own computers.,,sid26_gci213801,00.html

How many could you guess correctly without peeking? Let us know!

This was last updated in June 2007

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