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September 2007

  • ITIL v3 Service Transition: FAQs on Book 3

    ITIL expert Rich Schiesser answers user questions about the new ITIL Service Transition Core Practice Book 3.

  • ITIL FAQs, part 2

    ITIL v3 is finally here and CIOs have questions about the latest version. In his latest column, Brian Johnson addresses the most frequently asked questions about ITIL v3.

  • IBM makes U-turn, joins OpenOffice

    OpenOffice enjoyed a jolt of adrenaline this week as IBM announced Monday that it will join the open source software initiative. Analysts say the move should give OpenOffice a significant boost in ...

  • Disaster recovery planning guide for the midmarket

    The disaster recovery process must be continually managed -- especially at midmarket companies. Get all the latest news, tips and resources related to disaster recovery planning in this IT Manageme...

  • PCI compliance deadlines have retailers scrambling

    Visa's deadlines for PCI data security standard compliance have large retailers scrambling. But experts have little sympathy for those who've waited. The TJX breach should have been incentive enough.

  • Information technology spending: SOA, virtualization still hot

    IT spending for 2008 is expected to increase slightly over 2007, according to early expert predictions.

  • Outsourcing's true value still goes largely untapped

    New data suggests U.S. companies have not even begun to unlock the value in IT outsourcing.

  • Big vendors duke it out over storage for SMBs

    Once a scarce commodity for SMBs, storage systems from IT's biggest name-brand companies are popping up all over. Look, listen, kick the interfaces, but don't let the flattery go to your head. Nich...

  • Lack of IT expertise could stall small business growth

    A new survey finds that a successful IT strategy is a key element in small companies that experience significant growth.

  • Linux desktop: Simpler, more secure than Windows

    Don't adopt Linux desktop just because you hate Microsoft, experts agree. Instead, make the switch to open source for the simplified maintenance and improved security.

  • VoIP services for SMBs

    VoIP is quickly becoming a mainstream technology, and SMBs need to keep up with larger companies, even if it's on a smaller scale. Check out the latest news, tips and other resources related to VoIP.

  • Capgemini and Google hook up, bring apps to the enterprise

    The Google partnership with Capgemini puts flesh on the bones of its designs on the enterprise app market. The other 800-pound gorilla, as well as the SaaS stars, will surely take notice.

  • Email management strategies guide for the midmarket

    Email management can be a difficult task for midmarket companies. Learn more about upgrades, spam, email security and more in this IT Management Guide.

  • Five best practices for open source security

    While open source software is often more secure than its proprietary counterparts, it still needs to be hardened, patched and locked down before deployment in the enterprise. Here are five best pra...

  • CEO and others

    CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CSO, CCO and CKO are abbreviations that stand for: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Security Officer,...

  • Keeping tech skills up to date stresses workers

    Researchers say IT workers are stressed out about keeping their technical skills sharp. Should they suck it up, or do you need to cut them some slack?

  • Open source and website design: Caveat emptor

    Using open source software to redesign or create a website can be beneficial to resource-strapped SMBs, but caveat emptor -- there are hidden costs.

  • IT Infrastructure Library strategies guide for CIOs

    The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is designed to help IT professionals improve processes within their organizations. Learn more about setting IT Infrastructure Libraries strategies, including tr...

  • Midsized outsourcer perfect fit for midmarket firm

    At Church's Chicken, outsourcing IT operations to IBM seemed like a recipe for success. But a smaller, Indian-based firm proved a better value and a better fit than the behemoth Big Blue.

  • CIOs: Technical support teams woefully understaffed

    A national poll of CIOs indicates that IT support teams are woefully understaffed, but some companies -- and those C-level execs -- are better off than others.