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February 2007

  • Short CIO tenures paralyze IT

    Companies with unstable CIO positions are short-sheeting not only IT, but their business objectives as well. Want long-term success? Keep your CIO.

  • Monitoring technologies making headway with CIOs

    Catching unscrupulous employees gambling online isn't the only reason to monitor Web activity. Employee monitoring can also help CIOs make better use of network resources.

  • A business performance management primer

    Call it BPM, corporate performance management or enterprise performance management. Whatever the name, it's a technology strategy every CIO should be using.

  • Security, storage give rise to managed services

    The managed services model is catching on, say experts, as an increasing number of small to medium-sized businesses struggle with the rising costs of managing IT.

  • People skills outrank tech skills, researcher says

    At Gartner's Business Process Management Summit, research VP Diane Morello said tech skills will always be needed, but they'll take a back seat to relationship management.

  • Green Grid tackles how to measure power usage

    The Green Grid opens for business, with a charter, a high-powered board and an invitation to others to get behind the cause.

  • Putting Your Finger on State Security Breach Notification Laws

    A federal security breach notification law could trump state laws.

  • SMB definition: How various vendors compare

    Everyone defines SMB differently. Some do it by employee count, others by revenue. Check out this list of vendor and analyst firm definitions to see where your business falls.

  • CRM suites suit SMBs

    While a CRM system can make keeping track of customer and sales-related data a much easier proposition, finding one that's both scalable and affordable is no easy task for SMBs.

  • HP beats Dell (again) at its own game

    Hewlett-Packard surpassed rival Dell in personal computer sales for the second straight quarter. But some analysts raise doubts that the computer giant can sustain the momentum, pointing to an atyp...

  • IT certification in five (plus) steps

    Signing up for IT certification exams is easy. Preparing and taking them is another story. Here are five easy steps (and more) to ensure certification success.

  • IT job rotation rare, but critical for business alignment

    Giving up good employees to other business units within an organization has likely soured more than a few managers, but experts say CIOs concerned about staffing should seriously consider formal IT...

  • Gartner to CIOs: Change the world, don't automate it

    Rather than driving a strategy focused on continuous improvement, CIOs need to be thinking about how they can use IT to give their employers that competitive edge.

  • PR firm grows up with IT Service Management

    As his company grew, the director of technology at a midsized PR firm realized his company's ad hoc approach to IT Service Management needed an upgrade.

  • Business intelligence lifts revenue at Ontario ski resort

    A Winter's Tale: Blue Mountain Ski Resort is using a cool business intelligence tool for everything from changing how it pays ski instructors to adjusting room rates and scheduling housekeepers.

  • Information security tools dilemma: Best of breed vs. big security

    Aggregated security products have been the trend recently, but best-of-breed security tools are making a comeback. How do you know which is the best option for your organization? Expert Mike Rothma...

  • Combating image-based spam

    Spammers are a sneaky lot, and their latest innovation, image-based spam, presents yet another security and management concern for SMBs. This tip explains the dangers of image-based spam and what y...

  • A booming job market means headaches for CIOs

    New research shows that IT salaries are growing at a faster rate than any time this decade. With a shrinking talent pool and expanding headcounts, CIOs are scrambling to hire new staff and to hold ...

  • Ten clues that your Web site is dead

    Does your Web site have a pulse? If it doesn't, your business is probably fading fast, too. There are ways to revive it, but you've got to know the signs.

  • Remote backup: Making the business case to your CEO

    CIOs are being forced to take a closer look at their remote backup plans as they staff more off-site workers and face continual compliance concerns.