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January 2007

  • IBM vows solution to identity theft outbreak

    New software developed by IBM promises to put identity management in the hands of the consumer. Will it keep our personal information safe? That depends, analysts say.

  • Vista adoption off to a slow start

    SMB adoption of Vista will be relatively modest. Still, there are a lot of businesses prepared to make the move.

  • GPS technology keeps tabs on field service workers

    That cool tool that helps you find your way from the airport to your hotel is now being used to keep tabs on your remote staff.

  • Identity and access management provides security and more

    Thanks to recent well-publicized security breaches, identity and access management is drawing more and more interest from SMBs. Learn what to look for in an IAM product here.

  • Selling project management to your CEO

    A strong project management atmosphere in IT departments provides the necessary tools and processes to take increasingly complex initiatives from idea to installation. But CIOs still struggle with ...

  • Vendors-turned-open source rally round midmarket

    Software developers trying to improve their competitive edge by taking their products open source means CIOs will have more flexibility when they shop for software.

  • VoIP security barely a blip on SMBs' radar

    Neither vendors nor customers of VoIP services are paying much attention to security, experts say. But just wait until the first major security breach.

  • Offline SaaS applications on the rise

    As more companies rely on a mobile workforce, SaaS vendor apps are heeding the call. A growing number are offering offline clients that can synchronize with online SaaS applications, allowing your ...

  • Security advice wrap-up

    Security is an essential part of IT at small and medium-sized businesses. How much have you learned from SearchSMB.com lately? Find out with this quiz.

  • Security advice wrap-up answer key

    Security is an essential aspect to IT at small and medium-sized businesses. How much have you learned from our recent tips, blog entries and news stories? Find out with the answers to our Security ...

  • Top IT execs could take heat for TJX breach

    Experts say senior IT executives at TJX are most likely on the hot seat today after the retail giant revealed Wednesday a massive computer security breach.

  • Key to IT alignment: Know your place

    What kind of IT organization are you? Do you offer strategic value or deliver on business requests? Industry expert Paul Gillin discusses how IT organizations can successfully define themselves in ...

  • ERP implementations may fall short for hasty SMBs

    Researchers say small companies are making a mistake if they focus on speed of implementation with an ERP system. At least one small manufacturer says speed is inevitable when you're small.

  • CIO pay: Under the radar and maybe rightly so

    The good news is that the public outcry over excessive pay for U.S. executives is unlikely to extend to CIOs anytime soon. The bad news is, well, the same.

  • IE flaws stats stark, but omit big picture

    According to a Washington Post blogger, there were 284 days in 2006 when unpatched flaws in Internet Explorer were vulnerable to exploit code publicly available on the Internet. Does this mean you ...

  • Disaster recovery plans: Points to consider

    A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is critical to surviving a crisis, especially in an SMB environment. But evaluating your disaster recovery needs is no small task. This tip explains what to c...

  • WiMax technology clearing path to mainstream

    A number of industry moves have made WiMax almost ready for the mainstream. But there's good news and bad news to consider before making the move.

  • IPhone 'wow' factor fails to tempt CIOs

    CIOs are excited to try out Apple's new iPhone, but they'll take a wait-and-see approach before deploying it to their users.

  • Multilingual website a competitive requisite in global economy

    The global economy is spurring companies to make Web sites in many languages. Translation is the name of the game. CIOs take note: IT will be called on to play.

  • Nonprofit spreads the word with multilingual website

    The global economy is spurring companies to make Web sites in many languages. Translation is the name of the game. Find out how one organization is tackling the task.