CIO Innovators: Implementing a Data Governance Strategy
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Information Management and Governance

CIO Innovators: Implementing a data governance strategy

The role of the CIO has become the key in aligning both sides of the organization, creating a socially responsible and efficient IT infrastructure. Each of these leaders have used technology in an innovative way, managed technology in a way that helped change the business. This series illustrates several CIOs who have tackled the challenge of implementing a data governance strategy – each in a way that best suits their business model.

Featured Videos

  • The information management and governance challenge in modern business

    Procter & Gamble's manager of global records management governance discusses his biggest challenges.

  • Data security compliance a top-of-mind concern for pharmaceutical firm

    AMAG Pharmaceuticals’ vice president of IT offers insights into data security compliance strategies.

  • Building information governance strategy from the ground up

    SM Energy's first manager of records and information management shares the challenges of such a role.

  • The vital role of transparency in records management strategy

    An expert details the benefits of a clear, transparent records management strategy.

  • The role of metadata management in information governance strategy

    Learn why metadata is a vital tool for records managers, and how it can enhance your strategy.

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  • Moving Beyond People Glue and Silos

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  • Modern Retention Enablement

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  • Setting the Stage for the Data Governance: A CIO's Guide

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