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Bimodal IT is a transitional strategy, not the end goal

A bimodal IT strategy should be seen for what it is: a way to transition from the old to the new world of business, according to Derek Roos.


Who owns IoT data? The answer requires fresh thinking

Who owns IoT data? The more pertinent question raised by the evolution of IoT is what does humanity look like in an IoT age, says Harvey Koeppel.


Cooperate, compete in the digital marketplace

"Digital ecosystem" was the catchphrase at this year's MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. To vie as competitors, companies need to play by a new directive: Share or be left out.


Digital leaders say culture is impediment to change

Digital leaders at CBS, IBM and SAP point to culture as one of the biggest digital transformation hurdles. Here's how they prevailed.

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CIO Basics

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    business process outsourcing (BPO)

    Business process outsourcing (BPO) makes use of third-party service providers by transferring nonessential business functions outside of the organization. Companies use BPO for tasks like payroll, human resources and accounting.

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    data collection

    Data collection is a process for gathering information from different sources. In business, data collection helps organizations answer relevant questions and evaluate possible business outcomes.

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    For CIOs, joining corporate boards introduces new challenges

    Corporate boards are increasingly turning to CIOs to serve as technology experts. Before saying yes, here are three tips from media maven Larry Kramer.

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