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Legacy IT systems can be the kindest cut of all

Should your legacy IT systems stay or go? CIOs tasked with this decision might find eliminating past-their-prime systems to be the kindest cut of all.


Legacy IT systems: Keep 'em or cut 'em?

How do you calculate the expiration date on your legacy IT systems? It's a question CIOs must grapple with as they look at which IT systems are worth keeping around, and which are on the way out. In this issue of CIO Decisions e-zine, we...


Looking for work? Get ready to compete with computers

Tom Davenport lays out five strategies for surviving automation; big data evolves; and the high-end food industry feasts on big data: The Data Mill reports.

Security basics before testing against current threats

It can be tempting to stray from the roadmap security professionals have put in place when data breaches like the ones at Sony and Anthem are all over the news. But experts say it's crucial to stick to the security basics.

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    Quiz: The next stage in mobile network technology

    Think you know what the future holds for the intersection of mobility and networking? Review our recent coverage and then take our quiz to test your knowledge of mobile network technology.

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    Startup failure tied to loss of focus

    Too much passion, too little passion, too many cooks -- there are many factors that can lead to loss of focus and, ultimately, to startup failure.

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    Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) CurrentC

    Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) CurrentC is a mobile payments application backed by some of the nation's largest retailers including Target, Walmart, CVS, Best Buy and Rite Aid, as well as banks like Capital One.

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