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Seven CIO tenets for delivering great ITSM

Harvey Koeppel understands how hard it is to deliver ITSM support for a digital business environment. Here are seven ways to ensure you can follow the new ITSM roadmap.


The digital effect on ITSM

Traditional ITSM support doesn't cut it in a digitally enabled and digitally disrupted marketplace. In part one, Harvey Koeppel describes the problem. Go to part two for the remedy.


Advice from Bose on transitioning from Waterfall to Agile

Audio equipment maker Bose's CIO plus members of the development team offer up five tips for making the move from the Waterfall development methodology to Agile.


CIO highway to digital transformation built on ITSM

If digital transformation is on your CIO agenda, then a world-class ITSM strategy had better be also. CTO Niel Nickolaisen speaks from experience.

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    The building block of a programmable economy? Blockchain

    A programmable economy could reduce corruption, simplify supply chains, even render spam obsolete. The blockchain ledger is an essential ingredient. CIOs must pay mind.

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    Prepare for the 'programmable economy'

    Our current economic systems have failed to keep pace with today's business transactions. Technology will soon close the gap, Gartner says. Make way for the 'programmable economy.'

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    Six steps to organizational agility

    Aiming for organizational agility? Prepare to change how you scope work, structure teams, develop talent, practice leadership, and deliver and sell your products.

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