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Mobile BI: The benefits and hurdles

On-the-spot decision making and in-the-field analysis are two of the many benefits that make mobile analytics a worthy investment.


To gamify or not to gamify your social network

The best enterprise social networks are fine-tuned to corporate culture. Using gamification to spur employee adoption of ESNs will depend on your workforce and industry regulations.


San Jose Sharks up their social networking game

For the San Jose Sharks, employee morale and back-end integration factored heavily into choosing an enterprise social network tool but, as SearchCIO discovers, every company has its own reason for upping its ESN game.

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Free templates: RFPs for ERP

Use these free RFP template examples for ERP to make the best use of your business' technology resources.

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    A digital customer strategy in three steps

    CIOs and their application teams need to help their businesses develop a coherent digital customer strategy. Forrester Research's Stephen Powers and Mark Grannan outline the tools required to manage, engage and measure digital customer experiences.

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    mPOS (mobile point of sale)

    An mPOS ( mobile point of sale) is a smartphone, tablet or dedicated wireless device that performs the functions of a cash register or electronic point of sale terminal (POS terminal).

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    bring your own cloud (BYOC)

    BYOC is a movement whereby employees and departments use their cloud computing service of choice in the workplace.

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  • Enterprise data security and privacy

    CIO culpability for IT security shortcomings

    A new report shows that hackers can get past even the most up-to-date security tools. Could CIO insecurity be partly to blame? Plus, download Facebook's Messenger app or bust, and glasses might soon become moot -- all in this week's Searchlight.

  • Mobile technology and management

    New generation of apps get up close and personal

    This app's for you: The future of mobile personalization goes way beyond a recommendation for the next movie to watch or the closest pizza joint. But, the wonder of super-targeted apps has its creepy side too.

  • Mobile technology and management

    CIOs need to think at Uber speed for mobile

    Uber is shaking up the taxi business, but it isn't the only mobile disruptor out there. We haven't begun to fathom the changes mobile will bring, say some Boston gurus. Plus, Dropbox lures workers and Facebook imitates Vegas in Searchlight.